KAIFPA will provide an avenue for both consumers and insurance professional to air their grievances. Our goal is protect both the interest of consumers and insurance professionals. We aim to provide arbitration service to resolve minor misunderstanding between insurance consumers and insurance professionals. We will investigate the underlying issues whenever possible to resolve any conflicts. We will assist consumer to seek proper recourse to remedy their dispute when the circumstance warrants such an action. We are professional association and we expect our member agencies and individual members to abide by our code of ethics. It is our goal to become the initial point to resolution of any conflicts.

Our arbitration services will include following;

  • We will log in all complaints.
  • We will notify the party of complaint and seek explanation.
  • We will investigate to clarify the circumstance of complaint, whenever possible.
  • We will endeavor to facilitate the conversation between the parties to resolve the conflicts.
  • We will help start the formal complaint process, when the circumstance warrants such action.


Please fill out complaint form accurately and send to us. We will notify you within 48 hours. Thank you