Susan Han, Lutcf, CBC, HRM
(23rd President)

Dickerson Employment Benefits

Susan Han has served Kaifpa since 2000 as a board member, Vice President in Membership and Vice President of Health Division. She started her career with P&C agency in 1987. In 1992, she moved on to Financial Planning sector with Prudential Financial as a Register Representative and Managing Financial Services oversee sales activities but not limited to developing new agent on board.

In 2002, she joined Blue Cross of California as a Korean Segment Specialist represent 800 or more Korean sales associates in Southern California promoting sales and challenge highly rated uninsured sector in emerging market. She consults Employer Sponsored group health plan ( 2-500 employees ) in complied with new law, PPACA and Employer ACA reporting with Dickerson Employee Benefits.

David Song
(22nd President)

City Insurance

David Song served as the 22nd President of KAIFPA from 2010 to 2012. He has been on the board of directors since 1998, later becoming Director in 2000. As President, he strengthened KAIFPA's presence in the insurance and financial industry by building relationships with community leaders, carrier representatives, and agents and brokers. He advocates upholding ethical business values while providing quality service to customers. He is proud to support the growth of business development, educational excellence, and community presence in Southern California

Charlie Chin
(21st President)

Cal-Kor Insurance Services

As the CEO and founder "CAL-KOR Insurance Services", Charlie Chin has provided insurance for consumers in the Korean- American community. After joining KAIFPA as a board director in 1993, he has shown continuous dedication to this organization as Chairman of the Board,and became the 21st president of KAIFPA in his 2 year term from 2009 - 2010. Throughhis direction and leadership, KAIFPA has grown and maintained its excellence, and become a premier vehicle for networking, and a service to the community as an informational and educational center for insurance and finance.

Tai Hyung Lee
(20th, 24th President)

Firstline General Insurance Agency

Tai Hyung Lee is operating an agency as a CEO named "Firstline General Insurance Agency, Inc" handling personal and commercial lines, Life and Health insurance coverage for insurance consumers in Korean American community since 1976. He joined KAIFPA as a Director in 1990. His continuous dedication on this organization as Vice President, Vice Chair and Chairman of the Board of KAIFPA bring him as 20th president of KAIPA in his 2 year term of 2008 and 2009, He opened several seminars for the agents and public to engage the mutual network strong. Especially the first conference commingling together among agents and carriers is a good start to bring our network enhanced. His leadership comes to the front to affect to other nonprofit organizations and this community development. All the hard work with his officers, he develop the KAIFPA as a professional organization to become a center of the network in this field of the States.

Sung Hee Kim
(19th President)

KOI Insurance


Sunny Kwon
(18th President)

UNI Direct Insurance Services

Sunny Kwon started her career in insurance since 1981 with Southern California Auto Club and found UNI Insurance Service in 1985 to provide all lines of insurance needs for insurance consumers in Korean American community. Sunny Kwon has served in various offices of KAIFPA since 1986 and became 18th president. Her strong leadership enabled KAIFPA to successfully celebrate the 20th Anniversary of KAIFPA in 2005. One of her proud contribution to KAIFPA is developed and founded as one of major projects for 20th Anniversary Celebration event. The site continues to be major source of information to Korean American insurance consumers and a bridge that binds other Korean American insurance professional associations in other Metropolitan areas of US.

Stephen H. Kim
(17th President)


Stephen Kim joined KAIFPA in 1996 as a director. During 1997 to 1999, Mr. Kim contributed his excellence of dedication to KAIFPA as an editor-in-chief of the 'Insurance Guide' book publication project. In 2002, he served as a president from 2002 to January 2004. He currently serves on the board as well as an advisor to the president. He co-founded First Group Financial, an elite financial service unit, serving in various financial planning, estate & trust planning, and corporate employee benefits planning capacities as a senior partner of the firm

Brian I. Jeung
(16th President)

City Insurance Services

Started career in 1983 at Equitable Life. Founded City Insurance Services in 1997 to serve Property/Casualty and Health Insurance needs. Founded Moa Financial & Insurance Services in 2001 to serve financial products needs. Served as KAIFPA’S 16th president in 2001

Jay Park
(15th President)

Wilshire Jay Park Insurance Agency, Inc.

Mr. Jay Park began his insurance Business in 1982 and Founded Wilshire Jay Park Insurance Agency, Inc and also founded for the Hispanic Community, the company called Giant auto Insurance Service since 1996. Giant auto Insurance Services has 1 Main office & 3 Branch Offices located in the Southern California area and Wilshire Jay Park Insurance agency at Wilshire has taken care of Korean clients since 1986. Also He has been an active community leader as the 15th President of KAIPFA and served two terms as the President of Los Angeles Forerunners Lions Club and became zone chairmen and Regional chairmen on the Lions Club International 4L3 District. He also became the General Secretary of 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup in the US, he has contributed his efforts in the 2002 World Cup Korea and Japan and currently He is the Managing Director on the advisory counsel of the Democratic and Peaceful Unification of Korea, Los Angeles Chapter Republic of Korea. Also he is a director of the Latin-American Insurance Association so he working hard in both the Korean and Latin-American community’s Insurance Industry development.

Steve Kwon
(14th President)

Golden Bells Insurance Agency, Inc.

Mr. Kwon began his insurance business in 1980, and founded Golden Bells agency in his 4th year in the business. He has been an active community leader, a current president of Korean Chamber of Commerce of Orange County and National committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism & Drug Dependency of Korean-Americans. The support he has given in representing Korean business owners at various functions has brought a sense of community and civic service to Korean business owners of Orange County.

Dong M. Lyu
(12th President)


President / Kostar Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. MGA / Travelers Life & Annuity FMO / Allianz Life.

Edward M. Hahn
(10th President)


Edward M. Hahn joined KAIFPA in 1985 as a director. He served as president, chairman of Board of directors of KAIFPA. He is the president of Koram Insurance Center, Inc. who have branch offices at Los Angeles, Fiesno, Orange County and Irvine area.

William S. Hwang
(9th President)

Hansol Financial & Ins. Marketing, Inc.

Mr. Hwang is a founding director, has been in the insurance business since 1976. He was a general agent and marketing general agent for General American Life, CIGNA INA Life, Pan American Life, and is a president of AIG Independent Marketing Organizer. He also served as a president of numerous Korean American organi-zations such as Korean ROTC, KA Soccer Association, Yonsei University Alumni, and more. His continuous support to KAIFPA remains as a role model for many incoming members.

Peter Man Lee
(8th President)

Leemarq Pacific Insurance Services, Inc.

He is a founding director of the association and served as President in 1993. He is current president of Los Angels Central Lion’s Club, a member of KAEI, Korean American Economic Institute & KAMBA, Korean American Mutual Benefit Association.

Sung Woong Kim
(7th President)

Hansol Financial & Ins. Marketing, Inc.

Mr. Hwang is a founding director, has been in the insurance business since 1976. He was a general agent and marketing general agent for General American Life, CIGNA INA Life, Pan American Life, and is a president of AIG Independent Marketing Organizer. He also served as a president of numerous Korean American organi-zations such as Korean ROTC, KA Soccer Association, Yonsei University Alumni, and more. His continuous support to KAIFPA remains as a role model for many incoming members.

Cheehoon Kim
(5th~6th President)

Southgate Insurance Marketing, Inc.

Mr. Kim is a founding director of the association, and served as President of the association for two terms. His strong leadership and strong conviction to expand the association’s role as professional into Korean American Community of Los Angeles has been a vital source of KAIFPA growth. He started his insurance business as a president of Dial Insurance Agency for bonding and insurance services, a IMO for several life insurance companies. His Southgate Insurance Marketing Division provides E & S market for profe-ssional E & O/Bond as well as many highly risk profe-ssionals and facilities.

Sam Oh
(4th President)


Sam Oh joined Prudential since June 11, 1973 and had been awarded a numerous qualifications: President Club Honor Guard, President Club, MDRT, etc… His profe-ssionalism over 30 years’ experience and experience bring Estate Planning, Retirement and Financial Planning stands out in search for each client’s unique financial needs.

Edward Choon H. Choi
(2nd, 3rd, 11th President)


Mr. Choi is a founding director and served three terms (2nd, 3rd and 11 th) as president of the KAIFPA. He is also the founder and president of New Pac Marketing, Inc. specializing in life insurance marketing distribution to local brokers, and has worked extensively to develop and to enhance all of Korean American Insurance and financial professionals as well as Korean American consumers in Korean Community for almost three decades. Mr. Choi’s leadership, people-skill and passion for the association have inspired the director and officer of KAIFPA all these years. He is still actively remained as a voluntary advisor to the association.

James D. Hahn
(1st President)

KORAM Insurance Center, Inc

In 19771, Mr. Hahn began his insurance career with Prudential Insurance Company and later founded Koram Insurance Center. He is a founding president and director of Korean American Insurance Agents & Brokers Assn. of America (a former name of KAIFPA) for many years. He served as a director and vice-chairman of the Korean American Chamber of Commerce in Southern California until 1990. He is one of founders of the United Citizens National Bank (now Nara Bank) and served as a director of the Board. He is also a charter member of Korean Town Rotary Club in Los Angeles. Mr. Hahn is Chairman of Koram Insurance Center ,Inc.