It is an honor and a pleasure to offer best wishes to KAIFPA Directors and Officers, and the Members.

I'm so proud of 36 years old KAIFPA as a professional organization. I believe your proudness is extra ordinary in your experience and needs.

KAIFPA is getting stronger with adapting more directors and members. We look forward to more director even they are just beginning their professional careers in our association. We can built together.

We have many exciting plans in 2020. I cordially ask you to join and support updating it as the completion of past projects and implementation of a variety of important projects such as seminars for Tax Diversify and Retirement, Prevention Identity Theft, Cyber Liability, and Affordable health Plan and Medicare. Also do not forget to join together KAIFPA Annual Golf Tournament, Annual Convention with Free CE and Membership Mix.

We will be communicating about these activities throughout the year, so please check the KAIFPA's web site and social media on a regular basis.

Best wishes to the entire KAIFPA members for much learning and success in this year!


Jay Yu
Korean American Insurance & Financial Professional Association